SMS Solutions


Xcel Cyber Technologies, operators of provide topnotch SMS Solutions for small businesses, religious organizations, large corporations, financial institutions and governments in general. With over a decade of experience in our Industry, we can confidently say that we are truly competent at delivering exceptional SMS Solutions for the profiting and full benefits of our clients.

Our SMS Solutions can be relied upon for accuracy and artificial intelligence. This is because we take our time to put long hours into the professional development and benchmarking of our SMS Solutions, ensuring that they are smart for speedy execution of set objectives laid out by our clients for their respective organizations.

Security of data being transmitted from one device or resource to another is maximally ensured for the entire SMS Solutions we develop. This is because data integrity is of utmost importance to us just as we believe it is the same for our clients. Our major Infrastructure is a High-Speed SS7 Multiple Hub SMS-Aggregator, powered for accurate delivery of Bulk SMS to all GSM and CDMA networks globally.

We understand that there could be times when data in a particular format might need to be converted to the generic format to ensure smooth and accurate data transmission. Also, output from various set of data processing might be desired to be readily available in different formats compatible for direct office-use such as Documents (MS Word), Spreadsheets (MS Excel) and so on. We have therefore put these and many more into consideration in the development of our SMS Solutions to avail our clients of certain inconveniences and unnecessary expenses.

Our SMS Solution can be easily integrated into any existing software, subprogram, website, portal, blog or any other as desired by our clients. Whether it is to serve as a feedback of an online transaction to each customer/user of a subscribed service, or it is to notify an organisation of the intent of a user to make further enquiry/subscribe for advertised services; our SMS Solutions can be trusted for optimal efficiency, accuracy, speed and great intelligence.

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