Angel Bulk SMS remains the best sms gateway provider in Nigeria. We offer the best Bulk SMS API in Nigeria as our API is well equipped for fast, accurate and intelligent delivery of bulk sms to telecoms within Nigeria. As promised for our web interface, our API is also guaranteed for instant delivery to MTN, AIRTEL, 9MOBILE, GLO and other networks in Nigeria. Foreign networks are not left out as Our SMS Coverage extends to other countries as well.


Free Bulk SMS API

With our robust API, you can connect your eCommerce website, bulk sms website, company's website, blog, forum or app for free. Yes, for FREE!


API DND Delivery with Same Sender ID

Our API supports Do Not Disturb (DND) and Ported Numbers, so you can be rest assured that messages from your Website or App designated for Ported or DND Numbers would successfully deliver. What makes our API special is the fact that it delivers successfully to DND Numbers with the same Sender ID set for the bulk sms.


Easy API Connectivity

Once your Website or App is connected to our API, your message(s) would be sent immediately. You can also schedule your message(s) for later delivery if you wish to postpone delivery. And with the same API, you can always check the Delivery Status of each message. Your credit balance for Flat Rate or Regular Rate can also be requested from within your Website or App at anytime.


Secured API Connectivity

Our Portal is well-equipped with up-to-date security so you need not worry about any malware or virus compromising your website/system during connectivity or accessibility.


Cheap SMS Units for API

While our API is free, SMS Credit is not free and therefore would have to be purchased. You can buy sms units either online or offline like any other customer of ours. And if you ever wish to get a better deal on purchase, please contact us.


Clear Documentation

Our Bulk SMS API is carefully documented in a PDF File for clarity, mobility, 24/7 accessibility and easy referencing. We also provided sample URLs to help you quickly integrate your website/app without the need for professional consultation or patronage. Also, required parameters are explicitly outlined for easy integration. Success/Error Codes are also included for easy debugging.


Download Bulk SMS API

Based on our KYC policy and for security reasons, our API is not published publicly so you are required to sign up in order to be able to download and utilize our API.

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