Extended SMS Plan


You could be the Sales Manager/Officer of an organization who has the mandate to target new demographics or locations for your new products/services. If such a goal would be accomplished via bulk sms, then high volume of sms units would be required in your sms account.

It is for such purposes that we have made available Extended SMS Plan. Organizations that subscibe for this type of SMS Plan successfully run their major campaigns and have sufficient units left in their sms accounts to attend to smaller campaigns or daily office logistics within the given month.

This SMS Plan will provide your organization with 320,000 sms units which, you could always top up, at a lower rate of 80 kobo per unit. Find more details below:


General Features:

  • Add Staff (Create a new Sub-Account)
  • Credit Staff (Credit Sub-Accounts)
  • Debit Staff (Debit Sub-Accounts)
  • Notify Staff (Send notifications to staff via SMS)
  • Manage Staff (Login, Edit, Search, Suspend or Delete Sub-Accounts)
  • Message Manager (Search, Edit or Delete messages in Sub-Accounts)
  • Schedule Manager (Cancel or Reschedule scheduled messages)
  • Renew Plan (Re-order Plan after exhausting SMS Credits)
  • Upgrade Plan (Upgrade to a higher plan by contacting Admin)

Unique Features:

  • Setup Duration: 1 Business Day
  • Bundled SMS Units: 320,000
  • Bundled SMS Type: Regular Rate
  • Bonus SMS Units: 3,000
  • Additional Units Rate: 80kobo per SMS Unit
  • Upgradable Plan: Available
  • Administrative Privileges: Available
  • Message Manager: Available
  • Schedule Manager: Available
  • Customized Branding: Available
  • 24/7 Support: Available
  • Phone Number Database: Available
  • Free Management Service: Available

Setup Fee:

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Payment Details

Please attend to the following:
1. Fill the Bank Teller with your Username as the Depositor.
2. Remember to submit payment details »
3. Contact Us if you want to pay in US Dollars.

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