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Mobile Technologies have suddenly become a goldmine in Nigeria but many are yet to tap into its wealth potentials. You can choose to be among the well-informed and those enjoying the benefits of mobile telecommunication. Are you aware that there are over 100 million SIM cards fully activated in Nigeria? Beyond that, you would observe that most people are so addicted to their phones to the point of taking it along to weird or unexpected places, simply because they wouldn't want to miss out on any incoming phone call or text message.

Well, there are several business models that have taken advantage of this addiction by providing services targeting mobile phone users which certainly include you as you must have received some of their communications at one point or the other. The phenomenal growth of mobile phone owners in Nigeria has led to SMS marketing becoming one of the most effective methods of communication. Presently, there is an increasing number of companies and agencies using premium SMS as part of their promotional mix, complementing marketing efforts with text promotions.

Surprisingly, audience participation has now become an important aspect of many shows, contests and even broadcasts on national television stations. So as you can see, the use of Shortcodes to interact with this ever-growing audience has become inevitable. And that is why mobile technologies have become one of the best tools that marketers regularly deploy to win the heart of consumers. Shortcode Business is very profitable for Resellers as it can be profitably deployed in virtually all sectors of the economy including entertainment, education, news media, and for all business rendering one service /product or the other. So wait no longer and sign up for a veritable business that would continue to generate rapid revenue for you.


Features of Shortcode Reseller Package:

  • A Branded Website would be developed for your Reseller Shortcode Business specifically tailored to your specifications.
  • Any available Domain Name you specify would be registered freely for your Shortcode Business Website.
  • You would be issued a Reseller Control Panel that would help you manage your customers effectively on a real-time basis. Your Reseller Control Panel would also be branded according to your specifications.
  • You would be given access to Unlimited Desired Shortcode and Keyword for immediate usage by you and your customers.
  • You would be issued Customers Shortcode Management Control Panel for your customers to effectively manage their audience's responses.
  • You would be issued a Sub-Reseller Management System to effectively manage your Resellers whenever you choose to start having Shortcode Resellers.
  • While our customers (consumers) are billed monthly for Administrative Access Fee, you would be exempted from such monthly bill. And that doesn't stop you from charging your customers a monthly access fee.
  • You would be levied with a One-Time Setup Fee.

Special Information:

  • Setup Duration: 1 Day
  • Setup Fee: Categorised Below:
    RECOMMENDED: ₦120,000 (INCLUDING Professional Reseller Package)
    NOT RECOMMENDED: ₦100,000 (WITHOUT Professional Reseller Package)
  • Monthly Access Fee: Free
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