Basic SMS Plan


If you have decided to increase your customer-base for the month but you are limited due to lack of phone contacts, you need not worry any longer. Simply subscribe for Basic SMS Plan and gain permanent access to a new database of phone contacts in Nigeria classified by States, Local Government Areas and Occupational Status.

Beyond that, you will receive 60,000 sms units and you will also be given the privilege to buy additional units at the rate of 90 Kobo subsequently. Please check below for detailed features.


General Features:

  • Add Staff (Create a new Sub-Account)
  • Credit Staff (Credit Sub-Accounts)
  • Debit Staff (Debit Sub-Accounts)
  • Notify Staff (Send notifications to staff via SMS)
  • Manage Staff (Login, Edit, Search, Suspend or Delete Sub-Accounts)
  • Message Manager (Search, Edit or Delete messages in Sub-Accounts)
  • Schedule Manager (Cancel or Reschedule scheduled messages)
  • Renew Plan (Re-order Plan after exhausting SMS Credits)
  • Upgrade Plan (Upgrade to a higher plan by contacting Admin)

Unique Features:

  • Setup Duration: 1 Business Day
  • Bundled SMS Units: 60,000
  • Bundled SMS Type: Regular Rate
  • Bonus SMS Units: 1,000
  • Additional Units Rate: 90kobo per SMS Unit
  • Upgradable Plan: Available
  • Administrative Privileges: Available
  • Message Manager: Available
  • Schedule Manager: Available
  • Customized Branding: Available
  • 24/7 Support: Available
  • Free Management Service: Available

Setup Fee:


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Payment Details

Please attend to the following:
1. Fill the Bank Teller with your Username as the Depositor.
2. Remember to submit payment details »
3. Contact Us if you want to pay in US Dollars.

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