Bulk SMS Service


Bulk SMS Service in Nigeria has taken a new level at AngelBulksms.com. It is now possible to reach people with DND and Ported numbers. In fact, our SMS Portal will successfully deliver your message(s) with the same (original) Sender ID to all DND Numbers. Our portal is very easy and reliable to use so start sending your messages by Signing Up for an account and Buying SMS Units.

No software required - no hassles at all. Whether you are sending a single reminder message or a Bulk SMS campaign to a lot of people, our Bulk SMS Portal provides reliable, safe and easy tools to manage all aspects of your SMS Marketing from any computer, tablet or mobile phone.


If you have a product or service you want people to know about or you want to reach a lot of Nigerians, or you plan creating awareness for your business or organization at a very low cost, our Bulk SMS Service is the best and cheapest option in achieving these and many more. Small and Large Businesses, Government Bodies, Educational Institutions, Entrepreneurs, Religious Institutions, NGOs, Private Organizations, Marketers, Political Aspirants, Fellowships, and general Individuals are different categories of those enjoying our Bulk SMS Service till date. Join them today by Signing Up.

With a third of the population of Nigerians using Mobile Phones, it is so easy to achieve or exceed sales target through Bulk SMS Service. This because existing customers and new prospects be reached directly on your offers or general sales. No cheaper and efficient way to move a business forward than using Bulk SMS Service.

Our Portal is characterised with effective Tracking and Control, Real Statistics, Delivery Reports, SMPP, Incoming & Outgoing Responses, including XLS and CSV Reporting. Our Portal is of international standard with 100% delivery rate to all GSM and CDMA networks including Do Not Disturb (DND) Numbers. Our sms pricing is very affordable and our portal delivers instant and scheduled messages successfully to MTN, AIRTEL, 9MOBILE, GLO and CDMAs networks in Nigeria.


Benefits of Using Our Bulk SMS Service

Cheap way of Advertising Goods and Services

Ensures direct communication to people of interest

Cheapest way to communicate internationally

Allows the use of Customized Sender ID

Allows delivery to CDMA Networks

Allows delivery to DND and Ported Numbers

Retains original Sender ID for DND Numbers

Helps people to remember Products/Brands

Reaches Larger Audience more quickly

Allows message scheduling for convenience

Longer usage due to non-expiry of sms credits

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