Dedicated Shortcode


Dedicated Shortcode entails everything available in Shared Shortcode and even much more. Dedicated Shortcode is exclusively owned and used by only one company or brand. This makes the entire cost and fees required for effective setup to be borne alone by that same company. Basically, Dedicated Shortcode is suitable for business owners who intend to provide a range of mobile services from an exclusive Infrastructure. Business owners who expect high monthly volume of messages or wishes to offer more complex 2-way services can also opt for Dedicated Shortcode. Price Points applicable to Dedicated Shortcode are toll-free or zero-rated and made available at the rate of N10, N30, N50, N75 and N100 respectively.

With Our Dedicated Shortcode Plan, you can get your own Shortcode exclusively (e.g 35352). This Shortcode would be licensed to be used by your company or brand alone and no other company would be given access to it. Please be informed that Dedicated Shortcode require a maximum of 6 months to be setup successfully and also activated for public engagement. The long duration involved is due to the fact that Dedicated Shortcode is always subjected to the approval of Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) prior deployment.

It should also be noted that messages sent to Dedicated Shortcode are MO-Billed. This simply imply that users (subscribers) are charged once they send a message to the Shortcode. Customers are only allowed to send one MT to one MO received. This means that you would be allowed to send only one reply back to the user's mobile phone per session.


Features of Dedicated Shortcode Service:

  • SMPP or HTTP connection to Application Server
  • HTTP API would also be provided to send and receive SMS (Integration).
  • Access to view subscribers, earnings and other necessary information.
  • Short range number for aggregation would be provided to ensure network versatility and acceptance.
  • Number aggregation to ensure coverage over all Mobile Network Operators in Nigeria including MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat.
  • Toll-Free or reverse billing would be made applicable for all messages sent by the general public irrespective of Mobile Network Operator involved.
  • Delivery Report would be provided through provided API for all communications.
  • Price Points are N10, N30, N50, N75 and N100 respectively.

Special Information:

  • Setup Duration: 6 Months Max
  • Setup Fee: ₦850,000
  • Unlimited Keywords: Free
  • Monthly Access Fee: Free
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