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Shared Shortcode is utilized by multiple brands, which share the setup costs and fees. This makes it easily affordable for small business owners to access it. Shared Shortcode Service is better to be deployed especially if moderate volume of messages s in view. Moderate volume within this context ranges from 1 message to 1,000,000 messages. Shared Shortcode is very efficient and highly profitable. Being Shared, you would not be given exclusive right of ownership to the Shortcode Infastructure. What that imply is that, you are bound to share a Shortcode (e.g. 35352) with other customers within our infrastructure.

Despite this, you are not limited as you can use several Keywords of choice to direct messages to your application, website or trigger any desired response. These Keywords are prefix letters, mostly numbers, alphabets or alphanumeric and normally range between 3 and 11 characters. Keywords can also be used to brand your business because your audience would have to type the keyword in order to interact with your company or organization via your Shortcode Service. Upon Setup, we will provide a web console where you can easily access your Shortcode Messages and corresponding Earnings on a realtime basis.

Shared Shortcode Service involves a mobile phone user texting a keyword for certain information, service or requirement. For example, if you render health services and decide to broadcast: "To receive Health Tips for Pregnant Women, text PREGNANT to 35352. SMS costs N50 per Week. Once a recipient replies the SMS with the Keyword "PREGNANT" sent to stipulated Shortcode (35352), he or she would be subscribed immediately to the information service you are offering. You would therefore be required to start broadcasting such Health Tips to all registered subscribers within the period of subscription.


Features of Shared Shortcode Service:

  • SMPP or HTTP connection to Application Server
  • HTTP API would also be provided to send and receive SMS (Integration).
  • Access to view subscribers, earnings and other necessary information.
  • Short range number for aggregation would be provided to ensure network versatility and acceptance.
  • Number aggregation to ensure coverage over all Mobile Network Operators in Nigeria including MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat.
  • Toll-Free or reverse billing would be made applicable for all messages sent by the general public irrespective of Mobile Network Operator involved.
  • Delivery Report would be provided through provided API for all communications.
  • Tariffs are N30, N50 and N100 respectively.
  • 10% WHT and 1% NCC Levy would be deducted from accumulated earnings before final payout to registered bank account.

Special Information:

Once your Payment is confirmed, you would be issued a Contract Certificate, which you are expected to fill accurately and submit back to us through email. It should be noted that we have a Payment Cycle of 30 Days. This means that you would be paid at the end of a 30-Day period as long as you have a minimum of 5,000 responses; newly accumulated in your Shortcode Account. If accumulated responses from your audience is below 5,000 within the 30-Day Period, then your payment would be put on hold till the next Payment Cycle when the newly expected responses of 5,000 has been reached.

  • Setup Duration: 3 Days
  • Setup Fee: ₦85,000 (1 Keyword included)
  • Monthly Access Fee: FREE
  • Yearly Renewal: FREE (First 3 Years)
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